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It was 5 years ago today that NeoBux in a very shy but determined way made its first appearance to the world.Little the world did know the amazing potential NeoBux would offer in the following years. We not only changed the PTC industry but we also marked the previous model as deprecated and rendered it useless.
In our first 5 years we already set in motion lots of amazing new features that made PTC what it is today. Amongst thousands of features like instant payments, referral renting, properly paid offers, AdAlert, and AdPrize we also showed the world that being honest and most of all working for the user and not for ourselves was the path that everyone should go. Unfortunately most don't go that path and the few that do don't go all the way. I still believe that one day every PTC can give everything back to its users in an honest way. I still dream that a unified PTC industry would help thousands of people and change their lives for the better. While we actually don't struggle alone we're still making the largest part of the changes.
You may wonder why we give almost everything to the users in an altruist way. NeoBux was made for users and every action we take does reflect that. The offers you make are entirely for you and your referrer. AdPrize is entirely for you being you a user and/or advertiser. These are just a few examples that count for tens of thousands of dollars per day that we give away.
The way we do things is actually rewarding for us. We don't care so much about monetary rewards but instead we care about recognition which is something that makes our work look worthwhile and immediately shows that we have users who love us and appreciate what we have to offer.
A simple example of that is that we're currently amongst the top 100 sites as per Alexa's rating. No other PTC has reached this high and that is a good way for us to know that what we do is the right thing. Sure, we're not perfect, but we strive to reach higher in our users' satisfaction and work towards such purpose.
You know something? Without you all this couldn't be possible. Sure, we can give almost everything to everyone but in the end it's the way that everyone acknowledges our efforts that makes us proud to have such a great community which will only get bigger every day.
Really, thank you ALL for what you are and for what you gave us. NeoBux without you would simply be a great but unused project. With you it's an amazing thing that, for as hard as I try, I can't even start to describe it.
It's been 5 years and all our work is still starting. So many wonderful things will come in the future that when we look back in a few years from now we'll all wonder what our lives would be without it.
We know we can't thank you enough but we can offer you something in our anniversary:
Renewal discount on referrals for all memberships:30 days: 8%60 days: 13%90 days: 20%150 days: 27%240 days: 32%
Discount on Golden Membership purchases and / or extensions: Golden  $15 discount = $75
Discount on new Golden Pack purchases: Emerald  $5 discount = $285 Sapphire  $5 discount = $285 Platinum  $15 discount = $475 Diamond  $15 discount = $475 Ultimate  $30 discount = $860
Discount on Golden Pack renewals:  Emerald  $5 discount = $265 Sapphire  $5 discount = $265 Platinum  $15 discount = $445 Diamond  $15 discount = $445 Ultimate  $30 discount = $770
The promotional period will end on March 28th at 16:00 server's time.
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